*        Job Search University (12 weeks )

1.      Personal Assessment


a.     Success Stories

b.      Skills

c.      Work Place Preferences


2.      Targeting Companies


3.      Staking out Companies with Insider Contacts


4.      Care and Maintenance of the Insider Network


5.      Targeted Resumes and Portfolios created

 *       Post Workshop Accountability Team 

            High Performance Search Team

                        Meets weekly


                        Output monitored

                        Personal contact  3 times a week

 *       Workshop short term benefits:

  •  Aggressive job search strategy which builds proficiency in networking and interviewing skills.
  • Action packed workshop agenda which builds the habit of productive effort.
  • Morale boost with successes in getting informational interviews.
  • Clearer focus on direction of job search and methods to use in getting a job.

*       Workshop long term benefits: 

  •  A “dream job” inside a company where you will fit the best.  
  • Long term job security with:

a.      Bank of contacts inside preferred companies in the Triad.


b.     Refined job search skill in knowing how to get a job.


Click here to observe a High Performance Search Team Meeting in progress.